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Blue Box®, innovation at the service of emotion.

Harmonizing cognitive sciences, art and technology, the Blue Box® are the receptacle of immersive exhibitions. They are innovative, eco-designed and nomadic spaces of 80m2, fully pre-equipped, available for rent.

Nomadic. Immersive. Committed.

In response to the social and environmental challenges we face and to reinvent access to culture, we have imagined Blue Box®. A true cultural technological innovation, these immersion bubbles are ideal for creating lasting emotions. They are capable of conveying useful information to change mentalities.

They are designed to make culture accessible to all. An accessible place close to the population, available to the public and event sectors, but also to private companies. The interactive contents are inclusive, usable without any prerequisite, so that children and adults can enjoy them, whether they are disabled or not.

With Blue Box®, gain in attractiveness and make your audience experience strong emotions with a ready-to-install solution.

Blue Box® is adapted to each of your needs,

You are

A public sector organization.

Four years of R&D resulted in an innovative 80m2 space combining natural materials, such as wood, and a technological concentrate. All of this is eco-designed with a limited environmental impact in mind. An ideal asset to decarbonize culture

You are

An event agency or event organizer.

Thanks to their patented structure and an innovative assembly and disassembly system, Blue Box® are 100% mobile. They can move from town to town to be always close to the visitors.

You are

A private sector company.

Blue Box® combine three levers never before harmonized: cognitive science, art and technology, to offer a memorable immersion. They are designed to immerse our senses in an unforgettable experience.

Measuring and controlling for a limited footprint.

Materials, sources, energy, waste, etc.; we measure and control each of the parameters that come into play in the construction and use of our Blue Box®. The same is true for the interactive and immersive content we produce. Like you, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our carbon footprint, which is why we systematically provide you with a Bilan Carbone® for each project.

Eco-responsible technological choices.

This sounds like an oxymoron. There is a contradiction between technology and environment. That’s why we opted for a reasoned immersion, which finds the right balance between environmental R.O.I and optimal immersion.

An award-winning innovation.

Technology Innovation Award.

Thanks to Blue Box®, Neographic Digital won the 1st prize in the Start-up Contest, technological innovation category, at SITEM 2022.

Carrousel du Musée du Louvre, Paris. International Exhibition of Museums, Places of Culture and Tourism.

Startup committed to the environment.

Neographic Digital was awarded the Tideline Startups Label in 2022 by Waves of Change and Bpifrance EuroQuity. It recognizes startups committed to developing useful joint solutions with ecosystem impact.

Innovation patented in France and internationally.

Blue Box® is a Neographic Digital innovation that has been patented by INPI. The community design of the model has also been registered with the European Union Office.

Can be assembled and disassembled to be 100% mobile.

Blue Box® are entirely reusable. Economical and ecological, they are ideal for responsible exhibitions. The size of our Blue Box®, neither too big nor too small, allows them to be installed anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Blue Box® is the all-in-one solution.

  • Handcrafted in Hauts-de-France
  • Developed in an eco-designed way
  • 100% reusable indoors and outdoors
  • Spatialized sound and a 12 x 2.7m curved screen
  • A system of captation of body movements
  • A cultural mediator in hologram
  • A turnkey solution, ready to customize

Tailor-made or ready-to-use experiences, the choice is yours.

We offer either ready-to-use experiments or support in the design and implementation of custom experiments that meet your specific needs.


Art and emotion are precious levers to transmit strong messages and initiate changes in behavior, whether social or environmental. That’s why we offer to accompany you in the creation of tailor-made experiences to spread your messages.

Our team of experts and artists will work with you to design a narrative approach that is best suited to your audience and the message you wish to convey.

Together, we can reenchant imaginations.

Ready to use.

Thanks to contributors, or through our own productions, we build a library of exhibitions on committed themes (climate, environment, equality, art, travel, etc.) and make them available to our clients for wider distribution.

These packaged exhibitions can be installed quickly wherever you wish.

Blue Box®, a work of art.

Designed by architect Sébastien Chevrier, the Blue Box® interior draws its inspiration from the rigging of a sailing ship. Like a ship in search of new horizons for culture, it offers all explorers a new way to approach the world. An artistic world at the service of culture.

Indoors or outdoors.

Whether for trade shows, HR meetings, or events for your employees, clients or partners, we have the right version of the Blue Box® for you. Available in an indoor and an outdoor version (available as of May 2023), the Blue Box® can be installed anywhere.

* Fictitious outdoor simulation.

Blue Box® Library

Making culture accessible to all means above all not making it ephemeral. This is why we have invented on-demand exhibitions, just like on-demand content distribution platforms. The Blue Box® Library allows us to offer exhibitions made available by various contributors around the world.

“La France bouge, Les Trophées Europe 1”

Elisabeth AssayagEurope 1

An innovation supported by

BPI France Nord Actif Hauts-de-France Innovation Développement La Métropole Européenne de Lille La Nef CCI Grand Lille Hauts-de-France Ocean & Climate platform