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Creator of sustainable emotions.

Conception and realization of innovative and eco-responsible immersive exhibitions for cultural venues. Placing art and emotion at the service of beautiful ideas.


Together, we define the contours of your project and its ambitions. Whether it’s for the general public, employees, clients, etc., we design an experience that is consistent with your values. Our priority is to help you develop a positive, innovative and responsible image.


Thanks to our trusted partners, we bring emotion to life by producing impactful and innovative experiences. Immersive and interactive experiences to create a unique moment.

We are all committed to a social and environmental approach, and we systematically measure and control our carbon footprint to ensure that we produce eco-responsible solutions.


Thanks to our Blue Box®, available for short or long term rental, we can broadcast your experience to your audience wherever they are.

To go even further, we offer you to make your experience available in our Blue Box® Library to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

To imagine and produce committed artistic and cultural projects.

By your side, we imagine and design immersive and interactive experiences that combine art and emotion in the service of social and environmental commitments. Collaborate to transform. Together we can reinvent the place of art in education.