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Memory of the future.

A poetic hymn to raise awareness about the climate.


In 2050, Eve is 5 years old and lives in a small fishing port on the Opal Coast in northern France, or at least what is left of it. Every day, far from being carefree, she is confronted with the disastrous consequences of the rising waters caused by climate change.
She calls for help… To improve her future and that of the next generations, she invites us to act.

Taking action means choosing the future of the planet.

To begin, you are invited to enter the Blue Box®, a time travel machine. Projected in 2050, you discover the history of Eve. Once back in 2022, you have the keys to become actors of our climate future. Each of your actions will have an immediate impact on the evolution of global warming by 2050. Lulled by the sound of waves breaking on the pier, immerse yourself in this digital experience built as a poetic journey.

Designed for the pleasure of the eyes and ears, its educational and playful approach aims to initiate individual and collective changes in favor of the environment.

An educational journey filled with positivity.

Memory of the future, Neographic Digital’s first self-produced exhibition, aims to educate and engage visitors on an urgent global issue: climate change. Through the prism of its impact on rising sea levels, we invite participants to take concrete action on their behavior.

Thus, on an individual and collective scale, we want to touch them on the future of our planet. The objective is to offer an innovative pedagogy based on the harmonization of cognitive sciences, art and technologies to promote memorization.

We have built a positive pedagogical approach based on the brain’s ability to memorize through emotions and progressive learning.

A narrative journey in five steps.

Before entering the Blue Box®, visitors will be greeted by a hologram. Martin, the climate guide, will explain the ins and outs of the Memory of the future adventure.

Up to 19 people can live the experience at the same time. We offer an inclusive gameplay. At the heart of the Blue Box® and thanks to body interaction, one of the visitors will become an actor of the climate. He will be able to raise and lower his arms to act on the rise of the ocean level.

In a playful way, participants will be invited to follow Martin’s advice at each step. They will thus be able to act positively for the planet and humanity. An educational adventure that unfolds in 5 steps combining contemplation and interaction.

The plunge. In a few seconds, learn the mechanics of interaction in a playful way to start the immersion.
The immersion. You are projected in 2050, feel the emotion caused by climate change.
The interaction. Back in 2022, you have the power to improve the future of humanity. What choices will you make? Will you let greenhouse gases build up and the climate warm up or the other way around? It’s up to you!
The emersion. Back in 2050, contemplate the result of your action on humanity.
The action. At the end of the experience, visitors will be invited to scan a QR code to access additional content to learn more about the subject and take concrete action for the climate.

A completely eco-designed exhibition.

Like all exhibitions produced by Neographic Digital, we designed this exhibition with a low-carbon objective. From production to post-production, we made choices that allowed us to significantly reduce our environmental footprint.

The film footage was shot on the Côte d’Opale, just 118 km from Neographic Digital’s offices. This easily accessible location significantly reduced transportation-related emissions. To go even further, we also used extras from the towns and villages near the filming location (Audresselles, Wimereux, Boulogne-sur-Mer) to reduce their travel as much as possible.

General information

Climate, Ocean, Environment
Duration of the experiment
~ 7 minutes
Type of audience
All public from 4 years old
Accessible to PRM, visually and hearing impaired
French with French subtitles
Production date
Source of information
GIEC report

Technical information

Blue Box® dimensions
L 9.6 m x W 8.3 m x H 4.1 m
Exhibition area
80 m2
2 days of assembly and 1 day of disassembly
Customized according to location to reduce the environmental footprint
Power supply
3 outlets 220-230V / 16A
Internet connection
Broadcasting outside of a Blue Box®

Would you like more technical information? Please contact us.

La Voix du Nord

Made in Hauts-de-France exhibition

For the 3rd edition, La Voix du Nord wanted to offer visitors an immersive experience to raise awareness of the challenges of acting today for tomorrow's world.






Visitors retained at least some information


of visitors want to act after the experience

Globalement le côté expérientiel est top, on ressent vraiment l'immersion. Le côté isolation dans la box, le travail du son est l'écran fait qu'on est vraiment transporté dans ce qui est diffusé.

Fanny ChagnonLa Voix du Nord

Très beau sujet concernant l'écologie !

PierreVisiteur, Salon Made in Hauts-de-France

Merci pour cette expérience immersive !

SophieVisiteur, Salon Made in Hauts-de-France

Le concept est super !

ZakVisiteur, Salon Made in Hauts-de-France

An exhibition supported by

Ocean & Climate platform BPI France Nord Actif Hauts-de-France Innovation Développement La Métropole Européenne de Lille La Nef CCI Grand Lille Hauts-de-France