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Based in Hauts-de-France, Neographic Digital designs and produces artistic and immersive exhibitions for educational purposes.

Born from the combination of interactive design and video production expertise, our goal is not only to transmit, but to raise awareness and involve people in “real educational experiences”. In line with the new challenges of cultural and scientific mediation and digital marketing, our content intertwines video productions, sound environments, gamification and interactions to enrich and multiply the user experience tenfold.

Since 2017, our ambition is to succeed in making culture accessible to everyone and to the greatest number. In order to always be as close as possible to our audiences, in 2020 we created Blue Box®, an eco-designed and nomadic immersive room. Innovative spaces that aim to decarbonize culture and disseminate it in a new form. By harmonizing cognitive sciences, art and technology, we have succeeded in significantly improving the educational effectiveness of an exhibition. A technological innovation awarded at SITEM 2022 and rewarded with the environmental label carried by Waves of Change and Bpifrance EuroQuity.

Our technical and artistic choices aim to make the content immersive and usable without any prerequisites, so that children and adults can enjoy it, whether they are disabled or not. To do this, we imagine and design inclusive experiences that are both fun and educational.

Sensitive to the ecological and social transition, we put our energy into responsible and sustainable projects that are at the heart of CSR strategies. We help bring to life positive projects that combine art and innovation.

Neographic Digital, creator of sustainable emotions.

Meet the team.

With diverse backgrounds, the team brings the cultural mix necessary for Neographic Digital's development. Different ideas serving a single vision: to change the world of culture.

“It is in today's utopias that tomorrow's solutions lie.”

Pierre RabhiPaysan, écrivain et penseur français

Martin Laurent

Founder, CEO and artist

Florian Sauvage

Sales Development Manager

Nicolas Matrat

Marketing Manager

Louis Goasmat


Over 50

trusted partners

The environment and people.

« The team puts people and the environment at the center of the decision-making circle, which allows each decision to be consistent with Neographic Digital's values, beliefs, philosophy, and commitments. Only by being consistent will the company be successful, and therefore attractive and profitable. » – Martin, Founder of Neographic Digital

We are committed to designing immersive, interactive experiences that will make visitors more knowledgeable about today’s issues. Our collaborations with the National Sea Center Nausicaá, the Cité de l’océan in Biarritz or Eden 62 have put our desire to place the human being at the heart of its universe to good use.

In 2020, we are the first start-up to join the Ocean and Climate Platform. In 2022, we will be among the first 37 companies to obtain the Tideline startups Label awarded by Waves of Change and Bpifrance EuroQuity.

Committed and active by nature. It is fundamental for us to match our actions with our ideology. That’s why Neographic Digital volunteers its time to defend the oceans. Whether it’s organizing awareness-raising events with Initiatives Océanes or taking action with Surfrider Foundation Europe, we believe that change starts with ideas.

The press talks about us.

We are quite proud to have been invited on different media to present and defend our ambitions to develop and democratize a Culture accessible to all.

Europe 1
Neographic Digital, designer of the Blue Box®, a mobile exhibition box.
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Le Quotidien de l'Art
Winner of the start-up contest - International Exhibition of Museums, Places of Culture and Tourism (SITEM).
Cop 26: The Blue Box®, art and technology for the climate.
La Voix du Nord
Blue Box®: when poetry and technology rhyme to defend the climate.
Waves Of Change
Portrait of Martin Laurent, Founder of Neographic Digital
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The Blue Box®, an immersive and nomadic space for culture.
Blue Box®, the immersive and nomadic exhibition box that reinvents access to culture.

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