Project Description

Sharing in the work and the daily lives of scientists out at sea

Feel the spray on your face

The “On-board the Thalassa out at sea” exhibition takes you to the heart of the scientific missions carried out by the French Marine Research Institute Ifremer.

By illustrating the daily lives of the researchers, the exhibition creates awareness among visitors of global fishing issues.

Adding to the experience

The information screens complement the lay-out of the exhibition, with a diagram of the ship featuring geo-tracking as well as games, films and additional information

The digital aspect opens up new perspectives, allowing visitors to shape their own experience.

Nausicaá – National Center of the Sea

Science & Environnement

Interactive content

Martin Laurent: Art director, UX & UI designer
Thierry Degraeve: project manager
Charles-Henri Georget: producer, project manager
Gauthier Birlouez: developer

Virtual visit of Thalassa
Virtual visit of Thalasaa
Plankton Quiz