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Creator of sustainable emotions.

Design and production of immersive, artistic and eco-responsible experiences for cultural venues.

Art and Emotion for Culture and Education.

Neographic Digital relies on art and emotion to raise awareness and involvement. These are invaluable levers for conveying strong messages and initiating changes in behavior, whether social or environmental.

Thanks to innovative approaches and by relying on cognitive sciences, each artistic choice is in line with an objective of educational effectiveness. Our ambition is to give birth to new imaginations in order to move the world forward.

Decarbonizing and democratizing culture.

In response to the environmental challenges we face and to reinvent access to culture, we have imagined Blue Box® and its library of content.

The result of 4 years of research and development, the Blue Box® are eco-designed nomadic structures of 80m2 designed to host and distribute immersive and interactive exhibitions, either custom-made or by catalog.


From conception to diffusion, through creation, we accompany you in all phases of development of your cultural artistic project. Mastering art and technology, we give your image a positive, creative and committed touch.


Since 2017 we creatively accompany clients from the public and event sectors, but also private companies. We combine art and emotion to bring to light innovative, participative, and accessible projects to the greatest number.

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La Blue Box révolution culturelle - Europe 1 Mémoire du futur agir pour le climat - RFI