Project Description

La Nuit Porte Conseils, an event organized by Les Places Tertiaires.

Future is now!

La Nuit Porte Conseils is an event organized by Les Places Tertiaires in Lille on 06th October of 2022. It gathered more than a hundred people.

An innovative event where imagination and creativity was in the spotlights. The traditional rules of networking evenings were turned upside down and revolutionized. The result was an immersive and playful experience where the human being was at the centre.

A successful challenge for this evening which aimed to explore, imagine and create the new rules of the game of “working better together”. In just a few hours, all the participants were able to prove that new tools and new methods for building constructive and, above all, sustainable partnership relationships are possible.

On this occasion, we had the pleasure of accompanying them in the reflection and realization of their immersive journey, mixing and harmonizing technology, human and art to propose a touching scenography:

  • An interactive information terminal
  • The president of Places Tertiaires transformed into a hologram, which served as a mediator at the entrance to the event
  • A large-format watercolour by Martin, exhibited alongside the Bruges artist Jan de Vliegher, to immerse oneself in one of the evening’s themes

For more information about Les Places Tertiaires, the association of experts and decision-makers in Hauts-de-France, it is here :

Les Places Tertiaires

Conseil et communication

Immersive pedagogy consulting
Interactive kiosk
Audiovisual content production
Watercolour and framing

Martin Laurent
Louis Goasmat